Best Bamboo Sheets Ever

If you want the best bamboo sheets, you're going to have to look around quite a bit. There exists a lot of garbage products in the bamboo sheet marketing space and it takes some work to figure out which sets are worth it and which ones you're better off leaving on the shelf for some other poor schmuck to buy.

One of the biggest indicators of quality in sheets is the price. There's the old adage "you get what you pay for" and that most definitely applies here. You can spend $25 on a set of bamboo sheets or $250, it's up to you, but I promise you that if you spend the $250, you'll be much happier with what you bought long term. Cheaper sheets are more likely to pill, tear, and just generally aren't good products that you want to spend your money on.

Another indicator of junk quality sheets is excessively high thread counts. You can bet your bottom dollar that if a set of sheets is over 800 thread count, they're garbage. Reasonable thread counts are actually much lower than even that, though. For bamboo, cotton, and other sheet types, 200 is the lowest thread count you want and as far as the high end, it's not uncommon for high quality sheet sets that cost $1000 to have a thread count of 250 or 300. Don't be deceived by thread count; the higher it is, the worse the product.

The best bamboo sheets that you're probably going to get are those that are made by Cariloha. They cost around $250 or so for a set, but you'll be happy with the purchase for years to come. With this company, you'll get a 90 day satisfaction guarantee.


Barbara Hyde is a stay at home parent of 3 children, Julia, Mark, and Mason. She enjoys shopping for clothes, home goods, and listening to Spotify.