Make Your Bed Luxurious With Egyptian Cotton Sheets


The bedroom is definitely our sanctuary after a long day at work or any day really. Get a bite to eat, take a hot bath or shower and be ready to his the sheets! Well, maybe not if your have old ratty sheets, or scratchy sheets or sheets that are so thin you may as well be sleeping on and covering up with tissues. A comfy bed needs nice sheets and don't you deserve them anyway?

When most people shop for bed linens they go to the big chain department stores because they usually have an acceptable variety of colors and sizes. This does not necessarily meant hey will have the best options available when it comes to Egyptian cotton. You can search on line to find other options besides the big chain stores.

Thread count is another thing that consumers look for when it comes to sheets. Most people will buy a 300 or 400 thread count because they are a little thicker and will hold up to more washes and drying over the coarse of a few years. Those that like a really heavy sheet will shoot for 500, 600 or an even higher thread count.

You can have the highest thread count available, but if the cotton isn't Egyptian cotton, you will still be losing out on not only the durability factor, but the softness and comfort factors as well. You may well wonder what is so special about Egyptian cotton and it is relatively simple. Cotton grown in the very moist Egyptian climate tends to have longer fibers. In turn the longer fibers are spun more easily into thinner thread.

All Egyptian cotton sheets might not be soft and supple when first purchased, but the great thing is that each time they are washed they will become more and more luxurious feeling. Use as little detergent as possible and wash your sheets separately from other clothing or household items. There is no need to use fabric softener because they will come out soft anyway. The less chemicals your luxury Egyptian cotton sheets are exposed to, the less breakdown there can be in the fibers. This is true for any type fabrics.

While it is important to have great sheets on your bed, the importance of having the right mattress is essential too. Choose the right size bed frame that meets your needs and the mattress that best suits you. Too soft and you won't sleep well, too hard and you still won't sleep well. Once you have the right bed, it makes it that much easier to make it up with stylish, attractive bed coverings and pillows that will accentuate your space as well as being the most comfortable.

When you buy new bed sheets, invest in better quality longer lasting Egyptian cotton. You may end up spending a little more money now, but you won't regret it in the long run. Also look for other items made with Egyptian cotton too like towels, shirts and so on.

Barbara Hyde is a stay at home parent of 3 children, Julia, Mark, and Mason. She enjoys shopping for clothes, home goods, and listening to Spotify.