The Best Satin Bonnets For Baby

Bonnets for newborn babies have been common for a long time and have more than one purpose. Some new mothers use them to help keep their babies warm, especially in cooler climates and they're often used immediately after birth. The general rules for babies as far as temperature is that if you're cold, your baby is probably cold, too. Bonnets can be useful if your baby is born in the winter and you have no choice but to take the baby into the cold for whatever reason. Things happen and bundling up your little bundle of joy is the best thing to do.

Other new mothers like to use newborn baby bonnets simply because they're cute when taking pictures of the new addition to the family. No matter which way you go, infant satin bonnets are a mainstay when it comes to what you'll dress your baby in.

Bonnets are also useful for the baby to sleep in to help keep them warm, because using blankets to keep them warm can be dangerous.

Here are the best satin baby bonnets below.

newborn-minnie-mouse-satin-bonnetMinnie Mouse Pink Baby Bonnet

This bonnet with Minnie Mouse on it is made for little girls from age newborn to 3 years old and is reversible. Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low temperature to maintain the quality of the bonnet. The exterior is cotton and the interior is made of pink satin.

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baby-sleeping-satin-bonnetNewborn & Babies Hair Bonnet

This next bonnet is made of satin & water resistant microfiber, so it can be worn both ways. It also can be used by newborns and children up to 3 years old. It measures 15 inches maximum.

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blue-satin-baby-bonnetInfant & Babies Blue Hair Bonnet

This blue satin & water resistant microfiber bonnet is also reversible and comes in a soft blue color, perfect for baby boys. Like the previous bonnet, it is for infants and kids up to 3 years of age.

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hello-kitty-baby-bonnetHello Kitty Baby Hair Bonnet

The last one we have is a Hello Kitty bonnet that has a cotton pattern exterior and a light pink satin interior. It's made in the USA and it has 18 inches of elastic, so you're sure to be able to fit it onto your toddler or young child.

You can check it out here.


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