Handling Mold In Your Home

As a homeowner it is pretty easy to sum up what one's responsibilities are. Your job is to ensure that the home is fully operational and a safe environment for your loved ones to live in. However, when you are up against an opponent as dangerous as water damage you can never be too careful, especially when water damage takes the nasty form of black mold. If you are a homeowner who is suspicious that there is black mold in the house then you need to be very careful. Here are some of the things black mold can do and what you need to do if you find it in your home.

What It Does To Your House

Black mold is a highly corrosive substance. It travels throughout your home by sending out microscopic spores that latch onto any surface that has moisture and warmth. These spores are nasty in terms of what they can do to your home. The first thing that they will do is start to massively discolor your walls. At first the walls will just look splotchy but over time you will see some serious damage. If they work their way to the wooden structure of your home then you are looking at a substance that can eat away at that structure. It will not be too long, less than a year, before you start to realize that the structural integrity of your home has been massively and dangerously compromised. If you suspect you have black mold growth in your home then you need to call in the experts at Damage Control 911.

What It Does To You

Black mold is one of the absolute worst substances that you can come in contact with. When black mold sends out the microscopic spores to spread into your home those spores fly through the air. When this happens you run the very real risk of inhaling some of the mold spores. When this happens the spores attach themselves to your lungs. This is the cause of serious respiratory problems. Not only could you and your loved ones become incredibly sick there is also a serious risk of death as year after year a sizable number of people die due to mold exposure. Call in an expert from Damage-Control 911 if you suspect mold growth or water damage in your home.

Here is a video that will walk you through cleaning up mold in your home:

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