Preparing For The Vetting Inspection?

The inspector will have a pre-planned inspection arrangement, which he will wish to follow, though there's nothing to prevent different segments being done in another order. Together with the new OCIMF VPQ, much of the date speaking to the tanker will have been completed in advance.

The next layer in this table is the delegation given to petty officers and in turn, to the remainder of the team, this will achieve an understanding all the way down through the rankings. Prior to the inspection preparations can be made in certain areas

The inspector may need to have a copy of the following:

· Classification Document

· Certificate of Registry

· Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate

· Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate

· Safety Radiotelegraphy Certificate

· Load Line Certificate

The following should be available for Inspection (a Few are not applicable to all vessels):

Pros Should lay out the certifications in the exact same sequence as they appear from the VPQ/VIQ. This saves time and produces a good impression of structured groundwork.

· Health Certificates

· P&A Manual

· Approved Ballast Manual

· Oil / Cargo record book

· Oil transfer processes

· Garbage log for compliance with MARPOL Annex V

You don't neglect or pass a vetting review!

However you're well prepared, ensure the inspector is accompanied on the boat during the inspection. The best people to achieve this is the Master, Chief Engineer, Chief Officer and the First Assistant Engineer (Second Engineer), who can split the areas of inspection amongst themselves.

Ordinarily, the inspector will start by checking all certificates and documentation together with the Master. He'll then move into the regions listed opposite. However, it must be recalled that the purchase and schedule of this ship vetting inspection can be altered to attain less disturbance to the normal operations onboard. Make sure you have a completed up-to-date backup available for the inspector since this will save time.

A number of the most common deficiencies found in these regions:

· Passage plan just pilot to pilot. Make Sure that the filed transit plan covers berth to berth navigation

· Missing publications or older variants onboard when new books have been issued

· Missing Master's standing orders and night order book

· No logs for gyro error

· No entrance of place on the navigation graph through transit of pilotage to berth.

What Are The Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

Social Media advertising is a process of gaining attention through distinct social networking platforms. It is the most effective way to raise traffic, sales, and visibility with a minimum cost. The majority of the people today opts for SMO and requires a complete advantage of this.

Every type of business can chose for SMO agency or YouTube advertising services in Frisco to make their company successful. Social media marketing can be the best way to promote your company in a very effective and efficient way. It may bring remarkable success in your business and increase sales and leads.

SMO is a form of internet marketing which includes creating and sharing content on social media platforms.

Here are some advantages of social networking marketing for the business

Social Networking lets you share a whole lot about your company. Social media is actually a popular and it's the best place for customer services. The different social networking sites make it possible for businesses to offer the most up-to-date info regarding services and products or any forthcoming events.

It is the best way to become the answer to many questions which are raised by the people associated with your business services and products.

Social networking is anywhere: – As most of us know that social media is a remarkably popular platform as more than half of most users use tablets and there are many companies that offer cellular friendly encounter.

It is always suggested for every business to keep up a social networking presence which will truly enhance your business visibility.

Best Bamboo Sheets Ever

If you want the best bamboo sheets, you're going to have to look around quite a bit. There exists a lot of garbage products in the bamboo sheet marketing space and it takes some work to figure out which sets are worth it and which ones you're better off leaving on the shelf for some other poor schmuck to buy.

One of the biggest indicators of quality in sheets is the price. There's the old adage "you get what you pay for" and that most definitely applies here. You can spend $25 on a set of bamboo sheets or $250, it's up to you, but I promise you that if you spend the $250, you'll be much happier with what you bought long term. Cheaper sheets are more likely to pill, tear, and just generally aren't good products that you want to spend your money on.

Another indicator of junk quality sheets is excessively high thread counts. You can bet your bottom dollar that if a set of sheets is over 800 thread count, they're garbage. Reasonable thread counts are actually much lower than even that, though. For bamboo, cotton, and other sheet types, 200 is the lowest thread count you want and as far as the high end, it's not uncommon for high quality sheet sets that cost $1000 to have a thread count of 250 or 300. Don't be deceived by thread count; the higher it is, the worse the product.

The best bamboo sheets that you're probably going to get are those that are made by Cariloha. They cost around $250 or so for a set, but you'll be happy with the purchase for years to come. With this company, you'll get a 90 day satisfaction guarantee.


The Best Baby Travel Products of 2018

We all gotta go somewhere sometimes. Whether it's holiday traveling or hopping from one Uber to the next, we all have places to go and baby often has to go with us. All of the products listed below are designed to make that process just a little bit easier. Being a parent is hard enough by itself; let's eliminate some of those daily headaches to make it a little easier.


Traveling with a baby can be hectic, especially when they're sleepy. Fortunately, these items can make being on the go with your little one a lot more enjoyable than before. Check out the items below!

Folding Pack n Play Mattress

If you have to take your Graco Pack n Play with you when you take your baby, this is the perfect mattress to have for it. It's soft and folds up, so you won't take up as much space in your vehicle as you would with a normal mattress. It measures 25” wide and 38” long (but measure your pack n play first!).

Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Traveler

If you want something small and portable for your baby to sleep in when you're traveling, this fits the bill. It folds down into a backpack, so you can carry it with you anywhere. It includes 4 storage compartments, so it can hold a couple of bottles and other small items. Use up until your baby is 6 months old.


Bathing your little one on the go can be a bit tricky. Most of the time, you won't likely be too far from home with your baby, but in the event that you do have to go on the road for a few days or even be gone longer than that, an easy way to bathe your little one is appreciated. Here's a few.

Blooming Bath Lotus

If you want something that's really small when it's folded up, try the Blooming Bath Lotus. It's great for bathing babies in the sink. This is great if you're just visiting family, but if you spend a lot of time in motel rooms, this may not be a great solution because of the size of hotel bathroom sinks.

Aojia Baby Folding Bath

This is what you want to take with you on the road if you're going to be in hotels often. It will easily fit in any hotel bathtub and collapses flat for when you decide to pick up your journey and continue on.


Feeding on the go usually means bottles and bottle-related accessories, but sometimes that's not quite enough. These items below are designed to easily fit in your diaper bag.

Scoopie 2 - Portable Scoop & Funnel Travel Container

The Scoopie is a 2 in 1 container, measuring cup, and funnel that you can travel with. This comes with 2 different sizes, one that holds 20ccs and one that holds 80ccs.

OXO Tot On-The-Go Feeding Spoon With Travel Case

This feeding spoon by OXO comes with its own travel case, so no more packing baby's spoon in a ziploc bag to keep it clean in the diaper bag. The tip is made of soft silicone and the spoon isn't too deep, so you always get just the right amount of food in their mouth.


Being safe with your baby in public is always something to be aware of, but it can be challenging sometimes due to some of the ridicule we get for “overdoing it”. But, hey, they're our kids, not everybody else's right? Check out these travel must haves below.

Toddler Walking Wrist Link

800,000 children are reported missing in the United States every single year. People make fun of parents who put their kids on leashes all the time, but you know what? Forget what other people say. Kids get lost or kidnapped from public areas all the time and it's worth the tiny bit of ridicule if it saves their life.

This wrist link will help make sure that your baby stays attached to you at all times; the simple fact that it's visibly attached will deter to-be kidnappers from even making an attempt at a snatch and grab.

The NaviGate for Babies

This baby gate is foldable, portable, collapsible, requires no tools to assemble, and you're going to love it. The wall connector part has a steel telescoping system, so it adapts easily to different widths at top and bottom. It includes its own carrying case and weighs only 5 pounds. So, if you need something that's portable and can be used in almost any doorway or walkway, this is for you.

High Chairs & Seating

Just seating in general for babies can be a hassle unless you want to leave them in their car seat all the time. Who wants to do that, though? They stay in those long enough. Check out these portable seating solutions below.

Primo Lap Baby

When you're out in public, sometimes you just want your baby in your lap. But, having to constantly hold them with one arm can get old quick. The Primo Lap Baby solves that problem by allowing your child to sit restrained in your lap while they entertain themselves with whatever toy you've attached to the toy strap. Whether you're in a restaurant or a waiting room, there's no more need to bring a car seat in when you have a lap baby.

Cozy Cover Easy Seat

No more bringing the car seat into the restaurant with this one, either, once baby can sit up on their own. This portable high chair should fit around any standard dining chair and make it easy to make your little one stay put. It's made of cloth and some padding, so it folds down pretty small for traveling. Perfect for diaper bags!


When your toddler's gotta go, they gotta go. There's no better place for them to do their business than in their own potty. These solutions below will help with everything from public toilets to roadside emergencies.

Portable Baby Child Potty

Almost every parent with a toddler has had the “I gotta pee” emergency while going down the road. What used to be a big deal that could turn into a big mess is now not so much of an issue. This portable baby potty works great for little boys that already know how to pee in a potty. A version is also made for little girls, as well.

OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty for Travel

This is a travel potty that folds down and uses disposable liners, so you don't ever have to worry about cleaning a potty ever again. It can also be used as an adapter for public toilet seats, so no more worries about baby catching anything from unclean public restrooms.


Car seats were a fantastic invention, but since then, we've had so many accessories invented for them that the options can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there is at least one alternative to a booster seat for a toddler and car seat accessories that actually matter. Check them out below.

Safe Traffic System Travel Vest

We've never seen anything like this before, but this is intended to be a replacement for regular booster seats for toddlers from 30 to 60lbs. It's easier to travel with, especially if you have to switch vehicles often, such as when you're normally using taxis or Uber to get around town. The buckle takes some getting used to, but it's designed so kids can't take it off by themselves.


Finally, something to help with that stupid car seat belt buckle! If you've ever hurt your thumbs trying to disengage car seat buckles, this product is for you. It's proven and tested to reduce the amount of force necessary to unbuckle your child by 50%.


Having a safe place for your baby to play when you're traveling is important, especially if you'll be spending a lot of time outside. Portable playpens are great for keeping the little ones in one place if you're camping or at the beach. Check these out below!

Summer Infant Pop N' Play Portable Playard

This portable playpen by Summer has a whopping 14 square feet of play space for your baby. It's definitely big enough that you can fit more than one or two toddlers in it at the same time and all of their toys. Summer also makes both a half and a full canopy to put over the top to block the sun and you can purchase either separately.

Regalo My Play Portable Playard

This playpen is huge. It's 62 inches wide and 26 inches tall. It includes a simple folding design and it easy to both set up and take down; if you're an active person and like your baby to be involved in outdoor activities, you can't go wrong with this one. When you need to clean it, you can simply hand wash, wipe down, and dry before putting into storage.

Best Baby Bath Tubs For Traveling

Traveling with a baby can be a nerve racking experience, especially for new parents. If you want to be able to bathe your baby while traveling then your best bet is to ditch an uncomfortable sink and utilize a specially made baby bath that is designed for traveling. Here are the best travel baby baths on the market right now.

Summer Infant Fold Away Baby Bath

Summer Infant Fold Away Baby Bath

This adorable option from Summer Infant features a comfortable pad for your baby along with adorable pictures of ocean animals your baby will love taking a bath with this baby bath. This is the perfect mixture of cuteness and practicality.

Check It Out

Aojia Baby Folding Bath

Aojia Baby Folding Bath

If you are more concerned with a larger option for your baby then this offering from Aojia is the way to go. It folds out easily and offers full support for your baby and with easy draining. It is not quite as compact as other options, but it is still super convenient.

Check It Out

Buringer Baby Infant Travel Inflatable Non Slip Bathing Tub

Buringer Baby Infant Travel Inflatable Non Slip Bathing Tub

This option from Buringer is plenty convenient for those who are traveling and do not want to worry about keeping up with a lot of parts. Best of all, it comes with its own airpump so you do not have to worry too much about putting it together quickly. In addition to that you can simply fold it up when you are finished with it and put it up. The fact that it is inflatable means your baby will receive the comfort they need.

Check It Out

Puj Flyte – Compact Baby Bathtub

Puj Flyte - Compact Baby Bathtub

If you are looking for an option that is all about simplicity then this model from Puj Flyte is for you. It is small enough to be used in a sink while providing your baby with all of the comfort that they need in order to take a bath without any fuss. It drains easily and offers up plenty of support.

Check It Out

Blooming Bath Lotus – Baby Bath

Blooming Bath Lotus - Baby Bath

If you need a baby bath that is all about simplicity while still having that pop of cuteness then you cannot go wrong with this lotus shaped baby bath. Designed to allow you to position your baby in the sink in different directions, it features a lotus shape that fills any small sink while providing all the comfort that your baby needs.

Check It Out


What's The Difference Between Satin & Microfiber Sheets?

Satin vs Microfiber Sheets

When looking for sheets for your bed, there are so many different options these days that it can get confusing to figure out which you need for what purpose. After all, there are percale sheets, satin sheets, silk sheets, microfiber sheets, cotton, pima cotton, Egyptian cotton, flannel, tencel, etc… how is a person supposed to know what to choose?

Fortunately, there is a lot of information about what types of fabrics and weaves are good choices depending on what you want to do with them. Let's dive in and look at the main differences between satin and microfiber.

What Is Satin?

Satin is often confused with silk, but that's for a good reason: high quality satin is made from silk. You see, satin is a type of fabric weave, not a fabric itself. Satin can be woven from fabrics such as silk, nylon, or polyester. Many things that are labeled as “satin” today aren't made from silk, they're made from synthetic fabrics instead.

The satin weave itself is very soft and smooth; this is a result of the warp yarns running from top to bottom and the weft yarns that run across them only overlap at certain intervals. There is even more than one type of satin weave and it's all dependent on how many weft yarns overlay how many warp yarns.

Then, What's Sateen? Is It The Same?

Sateen is also confused with satin, but also for a good reason: sateen fabrics are simply satin fabrics that are made with cotton instead of silk or other synthetic fibers. This is why sateen sheets are as smooth as they are.

What Is Microfiber?

Most of us know that microfiber is soft and smooth, as well; but it is a type of fiber used to produce fabric, not a weave. Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that is extremely fine, even finer than a strand of silk. Most microfibers are made from synthetic fibers such as polyester and polypropylene, a primary practical difference between the two being that the former (polyester) isn't recyclable, while the latter (polypropylene) is.

While single strands of microfiber are weak, sheets and other products that are made with them tend to be tightly woven and quite strong, even though they don't weigh that much. If you're going to go with microfiber anything, make sure it's not low quality. Price is important here, but read reviews first.

Which To Buy?

Microfiber sheets breathe very well and are soft, while satin sheets are smooth. Microfiber sheets are also hypoallergenic, often stain resistant, and resistant to dust mites and other pests. Satin sheets tend to be more expensive, because the most common type of satin sheets are made of cotton, so if you're looking for the smoothness of satin in a cotton sheet, what you're searching for is “sateen sheets”.

Here Are The Best Satin Sheets

Chateau Home Collection Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheets

Chateau Home Collection Egyptian Cotton Sateen SheetsThese sheets from Chateau Home Collection are made of 100% Egyptian cotton and come in 15 different colors. They include a fully elasticized fitted sheet that fits mattresses up to 15 inches deep, a flat sheet, and 2 pillow cases.

Click Here To Learn More


Brielle 100-Percent Sateen Modal from Beech Sheet Set

Brielle 100-Percent Sateen Modal from Beech Sheet SetThis set of sateen sheets is made from modal fibers, which is a synthetic fiber most often produced from Beech trees. It's considered a type of rayon, because rayon comes from tree fibers. The modal used in this sheet set comes from Europe.

This set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet with 16 inch pockets, and 2 standard size pillow cases.

Click Here To Learn More


Brielle 630 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheet Set

Brielle 630 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheet SetThese sheets from Brielle are made of 100% Egyptian cotton and come in a 630 thread count sateen weave using single ply yarns only. The fitted sheet fits up to a 17 inch mattress and the set comes in over 10 different colors.

Click Here To Learn More




Mayfair Linen Bedding Collection Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheets

Mayfair Linen Bedding Collection Egyptian Cotton Sateen SheetsMayfair Linens are known for good quality sheet products and these are no exception. This set is made of 100% Egyptian cotton and comes in 8 different colors. The fitted sheet will fit up to a 16 inch mattress.

Click Here To Learn More





Here Are The Best Microfiber Sheets


MALOUF Double Brushed Microfiber Bed Sheet Set

MALOUF Double Brushed Microfiber Bed Sheet SetMalouf has always produced top quality bedding, so it's no surprise that these double brushed microfiber sheets are top of the line, also. They come in over 12 different colors and they will fit mattresses from 6” to 18” deep.

The fitted sheet is also fully elasticized, which means the elastic goes all the way around the sheet and isn't just in the corners.

Click Here To Learn More




Beckham Hotel Collection Microfiber Sheet Set

Beckham Hotel Collection Microfiber Sheet SetThese bed sheets are soft, comfortable, wrinkle-resistant and stain resistant. For the price, it's hard to beat the quality of these. They come with a fully elasticized fitted sheet that fits mattresses up to 16” deep, a flat sheet, and 2 pillow cases.

Click Here To Learn More






Southshore Microfiber Extra Deep Pocket Sheet Set

Southshore Microfiber Extra Deep Pocket Sheet SetThese are the deepest pocket sheets that we've found in microfiber thus far. The fitted sheet will fit mattresses up to 21” deep. They come with 4 oversized pillow cases (except for the twin size, it comes with 2). If you use a mattress topper, these are likely to be the best fit that you'll find. They come in over 15 different colors.

Click Here To Learn More



Sonoro Kate Bed Microfiber Sheet Set

Sonoro Kate Bed Microfiber Sheet SetThis set from Sonoro Kate is 1800 thread count and includes a fully elasticized sheet capable of fitting mattresses up to 16” deep. It includes 2 standard size pillow cases and is resistant to fading, shrinking, wrinkles, and stains.

Click Here To Learn More

The Top Pima Cotton Baby Pajamas

What your baby has to sleep in can have a big effect on just how well they sleep at night and as we  all know, a sleeping baby is a quiet baby. When you're looking for something for your baby to sleep in that's comfortable, breathes well, and won't leave them itching to get it off, choose pima cotton. Pima cotton is an extra long staple cotton that's comparable to Egyptian cotton; it doesn't pill as well and develop those scratchy “balls” on the surface of the fabric that can make things quite uncomfortable. Your baby's skin is sensitive, so the slightest little thing could wake them up at 3am… and nobody wants that!

Here are the best pima cotton baby pajamas below.

Kissy Kissy – Spring 2017 Print Pajamas – Kitten

Kissy Kissy - Spring 2017 Print Pajamas - Kitten

These pima cotton pajamas from Kissy Kissy are 100% pima cotton and are imported from Peru. They're available in a size 2.

Check them out here.

Kissy Kissy Little Girls' Pajamas Year Round Print – Hearts and Stars Pink

Kissy Kissy Little Girls' Pajamas Year Round Print - Hearts and Stars Pink

Another adorable set of pajamas for girls from Kissy Kissy here. They're snug-fitting and made of 100% pima cotton. They're available in sizes 2 and 6.

You can check them out here.

Noomie Baby Boys’ & Baby Girls’ Two Piece Pajamas with Hypoallergenic Pima Cotton

Noomie Baby Boys’ & Baby Girls’ Two Piece Pajamas with Hypoallergenic Pima Cotton

Noomie makes pajamas for girls and boys in many different styles, but these with bunnies are unisex. They're made of 100% pima cotton, which is proven to get softer with each wash. The breathable fabric makes it perfect for babies who have trouble regulating their body temperature.

You can check out other designs and see sizes here.

Noomie Baby Girls’ Footie Pajamas Hypoallergenic Pima Cotton

Noomie Baby Girls’ Footie Pajamas Hypoallergenic Pima Cotton

These footie pajamas by Noomie are perfect for little girls. They're made of 100% pima cotton and even comes in multiple different patterns so you can choose a style that fits your little one.

You can check out the other patterns and sizes here.

Kissy Kissy Little Boys' Pajamas Year Round Print – Aviators

Kissy Kissy Little Boys' Pajamas Year Round Print - Aviators

These little boy's pajamas from Kissy Kissy feature an airplane, stars, and clouds pattern on them and are made of Peruvian pima cotton. They're soft, durable, and get even softer with each wash without losing their quality. Grab these for your little aviator!

You can check sizes here.

The Best Satin Bonnets For Baby

Bonnets for newborn babies have been common for a long time and have more than one purpose. Some new mothers use them to help keep their babies warm, especially in cooler climates and they're often used immediately after birth. The general rules for babies as far as temperature is that if you're cold, your baby is probably cold, too. Bonnets can be useful if your baby is born in the winter and you have no choice but to take the baby into the cold for whatever reason. Things happen and bundling up your little bundle of joy is the best thing to do.

Other new mothers like to use newborn baby bonnets simply because they're cute when taking pictures of the new addition to the family. No matter which way you go, infant satin bonnets are a mainstay when it comes to what you'll dress your baby in.

Bonnets are also useful for the baby to sleep in to help keep them warm, because using blankets to keep them warm can be dangerous.

Here are the best satin baby bonnets below.

newborn-minnie-mouse-satin-bonnetMinnie Mouse Pink Baby Bonnet

This bonnet with Minnie Mouse on it is made for little girls from age newborn to 3 years old and is reversible. Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low temperature to maintain the quality of the bonnet. The exterior is cotton and the interior is made of pink satin.

You can check it out here.




baby-sleeping-satin-bonnetNewborn & Babies Hair Bonnet

This next bonnet is made of satin & water resistant microfiber, so it can be worn both ways. It also can be used by newborns and children up to 3 years old. It measures 15 inches maximum.

You can check it out here.





blue-satin-baby-bonnetInfant & Babies Blue Hair Bonnet

This blue satin & water resistant microfiber bonnet is also reversible and comes in a soft blue color, perfect for baby boys. Like the previous bonnet, it is for infants and kids up to 3 years of age.

You can check it out here.






hello-kitty-baby-bonnetHello Kitty Baby Hair Bonnet

The last one we have is a Hello Kitty bonnet that has a cotton pattern exterior and a light pink satin interior. It's made in the USA and it has 18 inches of elastic, so you're sure to be able to fit it onto your toddler or young child.

You can check it out here.


What Protein Powder Is Safe For Pregnancy?

When you're pregnant, your doctor will probably be pretty picky about what you can eat, what you can't and what you can take and what you can't. And it's totally understandable because you're growing a new person inside you that is in a constant delicate state of development.

It's important to make sure you get the right vitamins and nutrients in the right amounts or things can go badly, resulting in miscarriage, stillbirth, or birth defects.

But, when it comes to taking protein powder while you're pregnant, you're probably safe (even though you should talk to your doctor first). During pregnancy it's advised that women consume more protein everyday (approximately an additional 25 grams more, in fact), so this lines up almost perfectly with a single protein shake per day, depending on what the protein amount is per serving on your chosen product. In this case, though, protein shakes shouldn't be used as a meal replacement due to the nutritional requirements of pregnancy.

What you want to make sure of, no matter what protein powder you choose, is that it's free of artificial flavors and other artificial ingredients. Some ingredients that you may want to avoid are:

  • Saccharin – crosses placenta and may remain in fetal tissue
  • Caffeine
  • Creatine
  • Soy protein
  • Coconut flour – gas/bloating
  • Psyllium – gas/bloating
  • carrageenan – cheap filler
  • Corn syrup solids
  • Anything you can't easily pronounce

Organic protein powders with no artificial ingredients like Swhey's Halo protein powder are what you're looking for. They're high quality and avoid the list of the things above like the plague.

Handling Mold In Your Home

As a homeowner it is pretty easy to sum up what one's responsibilities are. Your job is to ensure that the home is fully operational and a safe environment for your loved ones to live in. However, when you are up against an opponent as dangerous as water damage you can never be too careful, especially when water damage takes the nasty form of black mold. If you are a homeowner who is suspicious that there is black mold in the house then you need to be very careful. Here are some of the things black mold can do and what you need to do if you find it in your home.

What It Does To Your House

Black mold is a highly corrosive substance. It travels throughout your home by sending out microscopic spores that latch onto any surface that has moisture and warmth. These spores are nasty in terms of what they can do to your home. The first thing that they will do is start to massively discolor your walls. At first the walls will just look splotchy but over time you will see some serious damage. If they work their way to the wooden structure of your home then you are looking at a substance that can eat away at that structure. It will not be too long, less than a year, before you start to realize that the structural integrity of your home has been massively and dangerously compromised. If you suspect you have black mold growth in your home then you need to call in the experts at Damage Control 911.

What It Does To You

Black mold is one of the absolute worst substances that you can come in contact with. When black mold sends out the microscopic spores to spread into your home those spores fly through the air. When this happens you run the very real risk of inhaling some of the mold spores. When this happens the spores attach themselves to your lungs. This is the cause of serious respiratory problems. Not only could you and your loved ones become incredibly sick there is also a serious risk of death as year after year a sizable number of people die due to mold exposure. Call in an expert from Damage-Control 911 if you suspect mold growth or water damage in your home.

Here is a video that will walk you through cleaning up mold in your home:

Where can I find the best dog fence?

I just recently adopted my first dog. Gunner is not the first dog that I have ever owned, but he is the first dog that I have gotten by myself that I will take care of by myself. And since I work during the day, I wanted to make sure that Gunner could still use the doggy door to go out back without having to worry about him getting out and getting hurt.

I began my search for the perfect dog fence just hours after bringing Gunner home from the pound. I read so many different reviews and watched so many different videos about dog fence and which one is the best and why it is that my head began to hurt.

What To Look For In A Dog Fence

I began my search by looking for a dog fence that would be difficult, if not impossible for him to dig his way out from underneath. I also looked for a dog fence that would be strong and durable. I live in the south and there are a lot of thunder storms that result in fallen tree branches that usually end up falling fences.

Looking for a dog fence requires you to think about all of the things that you would want in a dog fence. Once you figure out what you are looking for in a dog fence. Only then can you find the dog fence that is best for you and your dog. If you are not sure about what you should look for in a dog fence, then you can take a look at Doggy Bakery for more information.

I have searched all over before I found Doggy Bakery and I must say, they are the best place to go to find the best dog fence for your pet! There is no other place like it to find a dog fence.

Doggy Bakery also has a ton of other useful information to help you with your pets. Including tether tug dog toys and I must say, dogs love them! So be sure to check them out!


Make Your Bed Luxurious With Egyptian Cotton Sheets


The bedroom is definitely our sanctuary after a long day at work or any day really. Get a bite to eat, take a hot bath or shower and be ready to his the sheets! Well, maybe not if your have old ratty sheets, or scratchy sheets or sheets that are so thin you may as well be sleeping on and covering up with tissues. A comfy bed needs nice sheets and don't you deserve them anyway?

When most people shop for bed linens they go to the big chain department stores because they usually have an acceptable variety of colors and sizes. This does not necessarily meant hey will have the best options available when it comes to Egyptian cotton. You can search on line to find other options besides the big chain stores.

Thread count is another thing that consumers look for when it comes to sheets. Most people will buy a 300 or 400 thread count because they are a little thicker and will hold up to more washes and drying over the coarse of a few years. Those that like a really heavy sheet will shoot for 500, 600 or an even higher thread count.

You can have the highest thread count available, but if the cotton isn't Egyptian cotton, you will still be losing out on not only the durability factor, but the softness and comfort factors as well. You may well wonder what is so special about Egyptian cotton and it is relatively simple. Cotton grown in the very moist Egyptian climate tends to have longer fibers. In turn the longer fibers are spun more easily into thinner thread.

All Egyptian cotton sheets might not be soft and supple when first purchased, but the great thing is that each time they are washed they will become more and more luxurious feeling. Use as little detergent as possible and wash your sheets separately from other clothing or household items. There is no need to use fabric softener because they will come out soft anyway. The less chemicals your luxury Egyptian cotton sheets are exposed to, the less breakdown there can be in the fibers. This is true for any type fabrics.

While it is important to have great sheets on your bed, the importance of having the right mattress is essential too. Choose the right size bed frame that meets your needs and the mattress that best suits you. Too soft and you won't sleep well, too hard and you still won't sleep well. Once you have the right bed, it makes it that much easier to make it up with stylish, attractive bed coverings and pillows that will accentuate your space as well as being the most comfortable.

When you buy new bed sheets, invest in better quality longer lasting Egyptian cotton. You may end up spending a little more money now, but you won't regret it in the long run. Also look for other items made with Egyptian cotton too like towels, shirts and so on.